Mole Extermination

Moles are destructive pests in the home, lawns, parks, gardens, gold courses and anywhere they occupy with their digging habits. During their burrowing activities, they can produce ridges and mounds that disfigure the lawns and sometimes dislodge plants or injure plant roots, their mounds most times provide means for the germination of weed seeds. They prefer to eat insects instead of eating garden plants or crops.

Moles have been known to transmit rabies and other dangerous diseases like fleas and ticks. Therefore, if you have a large infestation of moles in your home or garden, this simply means there is trouble. Moles are usually found where soil is rich in organic matter, their unusually large population might be due to a high numbers of soil pests, this should serve as warning that all is not well with the soil life.

Below are some of the lethal and humane ways to exterminate moles from your home or garden:


This is an effective method to exterminate moles from the home or garden, just try to locate an active tunnel dug by moles, and use your shoe to mash down a 6 inches section of the tunnel. After this, come back later and see what has happened, if the damage is repaired, it means you have discovered an active tunnel. Carefully place the trap into this tunnel, when the mole comes around, it pushes up soil against the plunger, springs the trap, and the scissorslike blade of the trap either stabs or crush it to death. Then pull up the trap and dispose off the body.


This is also an effective method of exterminating pets through gas poisoning, this is recommended to be done with the one bought from the stores. Gas bombs work by being placed at the entrance of the mole tunnels. Once it is set off, quickly fill the tunnel with the poisonous gas. After using this, monitor your yard for some period to determine if the moles are dead and didnt run away from the gas. Make sure to read the safety cautions on the poison label carefully, and also keep your pets away from it.


This is one of the most basic and faster way to kill moles. What you need to do first is to identify an active tunnel used by the moles. Carefully observe to find a small area with little moment, this signifies that a mole is digging at the place. Then use your shovel to hit them hard for some time. The hitting will be enough to kill the mole. Wait and observe for some time to ensure there is no moment again, you can now insert your shovel with force at that particular spot, and this would cut the mole into two thereby killing it, the dispose the animal remain as soon as possible.


Water can also be used to exterminate moles if done properly. All you need to do is to place a water hose in a tunnel and turn the water on at high speed, the force and amount of the water will suffocate the moles and eventfully kill them. It is also to note that using this method may damage your lawn as well; therefore, you must be careful enough to turn off the water before it is too late.

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